Did I hear someone say “late”?
Meh… There’s no such things called “late” in my personal dictionary. ;p

Game Title: Kud Wafter (クドわふたー)
Developer: Key
Genre: Eroge, Visual Novel
Released: June 25, 2010

//Ranting starts
Anyway as you can see from release date, this game has been released almost 1 year ago.
But I just received and opened this recently.
In order to receive and open this particular Kud Wafter package, I had faced tons of problems and delays. ;_;
From the proxy suddenly difficult to be contacted, then they missing several months, next several retard in custom think it’s fun to hold hostage of my package for months, and after they rip my wallet and released it, I found that they don’t have enough brain to check my package without tearing apart my games box.
Unfortunately… after all of those holdup and knowing the fact that communicating with pig is way easier than receive compensation from those retard in customs office, I don’t have enough willpower to complain to them.
//Ranting end


Kud Wafter Sofmap LE Box and Bag

When I received the package, the size of the games box quite shocked me.
It’s way way bigger than my other Kud Wafter LE games that arrived 500 years earlier.
I know it contains lots of bonus, but I never expect the size and weight is like that.
It’s around 38Cm x 28 Cm x 7 Cm and 1.65Kg.
For the box cover, I personally love the picture.
Btw… I never thought I’ll receive that paper bag too.
It’s one of the few pleasant surprise that I get recently.

Sofmap Limited Edition

Right side... with damage included


Credit to Retard Customs


Credit to Retard Customs


Hidden left side of box


Hidden right side of box


Hidden front side of box


...I feel the ordering was changed


CG Lineart Bonus




Singing Score Note Bonus


Singing Score Note Bonus


Singing Score Note Bonus

Keyboard cover on right


Er... lineart with Na-Ga signature?


This score note apparently can sing the song when you open it.

Wew… I guess that’s all of the bonus that I get from Sofmap LE.
Overall I’m completely satisfied. ❤
All of the complain will be directed to the custom office and other people outside Sofmap and Key employee.
And now I think I have more respect for those whose blog weekly post contains lots of picture, bonus point if those picture are not just taken from internet.
Personally these uploading and formatting picture business is really taxing for me. OTZ
Well… at least it was fun and refreshing experience.