My new baby

New WD 2Tb HDD

Boo… The first post ever after last post in January.
I never thought that, even with several weeks break after written final exams and before oral final exams, I can’t make any post at all during these time.
It seems I underestimated both my laziness and the exams material difficulty.

In any case, even though I technically still have one last oral final exams and probably repetition exam if I’m unlucky, I’ll just pretend my last university exam has finished.
Now before I restart my thesis research progress, I think I’ll open some or all of my packets that had patiently waited until my exam finished.
And probably make some review about them too, because it’s been a long time since I play with my camera and scanner. ❤

Note to self:

    1. I need to pick up all of this season anime that I had ignored since early January, including Madoka.
    2. I need to start re-download all of those important things that lost after my 500Gb HDD destroyed.
    3. Make sure to backup all data in laptop, and reinstall the OS.
    4. If I still have extra time, finishing some of my PSP and Visual Novel games is a good idea.
    5. Thesis deadline is only a few months from now.